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Roulette - Wikipedia European roulette rules Rules of Roulette. Guide and Instructions for the Casino classic

European roulette rules European Roulette - Roulette R Us

Roulette is one of the most instantly recognizable and exciting casino games in the world. The rules of European roulette are simple and easy to learn. The differences between the European and American roulette will read article be explained in this guide.

Although we have a separate guide for the rules of American rouletteyou will be able to play both games after reading the rules on this page. All numbers are colored black or red. The zero and the double zero are colored green.

European roulette offers a better chance of winning because of the single zero. Some online casinos offer a 'special bets' feature. These special bets are different from the traditional roulette bets. Usually you'll find these special bets in the special bets panel.

Some roulette tables are also connected to a progressive european roulette rules. A progressive jackpot grows with every bet placed. There are hundreds of online casinos connected to these progressive jackpots. E-mail required, but invisible for others. European roulette rules roulette rules explained Roulette is one of european roulette rules most instantly recognizable and exciting casino games in the world. In the eighteenth century, roulette spread out to the rest of Europe and North America.

Roulette is now one of the most popular games in the online gambling industry. The rules have remained click here unchanged during this time. The only difference is the amount of pockets european roulette rules casino app real money australia roulette wheel: European roulette is played with a roulette wheel with 37 numbered pockets one to 36, plus zero American roulette is played with a roulette wheel with 38 numbered pockets one to 36, plus zero and double zero All numbers are colored black or red.

Placing bets in European roulette A game of roulette starts with the placing your bet. Bets can be made by placing one or more chips on the different betting sections of the roulette table. The little ball is removed european roulette rules the pocket and the roulette wheel starts to spin. The ball always spins in the opposite direction to the rotating roulette wheel. The little ball eventually lands in a numbered pocket.

This pocket has both european roulette rules number and a color black, red or green. Once the ball ends up in european roulette rules pocket, this pocket is the winning number.

In online roulette, the winning number is also showed in a window on your screen. In most casinos, you can also check the latest winning numbers via this window. Lost bets will be cleared from the table. In case european roulette rules win, your winnings are showed on the screen. Your winnings will be added to your balance.

Possible bets There are two main betting options available at a game of Пожалуйста, online casino ipad south africa Элли Inside bets see the player bets on a certain straddle, or on which number the ball will land in. For an overview of all inside and outside bets, see the following tables: After reading the European roulette rules on this page, it should be no problem to name the differences between the American and European roulette rules.

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European roulette rules

Roulette originated in the casinos of Monaco and Paris, so it is european roulette rules fitting that European european roulette rules remains one of the most popular varieties of the game. European roulette has a few notable differences from its American counterpart that you should know before trying your luck. To the far left of the European table sits a 0 spot — whereas on the American table, two spots one for 0 and one for 00 would be present.

This is the most notable difference between the two versions of the game: Along the bottom of the table european roulette rules spots on which players can bet on numerical groups of 12, the numbers andeven and odd numbers, learn more here black and red numbers.

The European roulette wheel is also a bit different from its American counterpart. Most notable, of course, is the absence of the 00 european roulette rules found on American roulette european roulette rules. In addition, European wheels tend to feature numbers in random order, whereas American wheels posit sequential numbers opposite from each other.

For example, on an American wheel, read article and 10 are placed opposite each other — on a European wheel, numerical placements are generally completely random.

Gameplay is largely the same: Players are given chips of a specific color, which they then place on the roulette board to signify their bets. Often, many chips will be placed on european roulette rules board, resulting in significant overlap between players.

This is why chips are color-specific to each person. Players can continue to make bets until the croupier the person spinning the roulette wheel waves his or her hand over the table, signifying that all bets are final and no additional chips may be placed. After the roulette wheel ceases to move, players whose bets are rolled receive their winnings. There are, however, some rules that pertain to European roulette that do not usually exist in the American variety. If a player makes an even-money or european roulette rules meaning european roulette rules his or her chances of winning are as great as they are of losingthe player gets half of his or her bet returned if the ball lands on european roulette rules. However, the player may opt to place his or her bet in prison, rather than immediately losing half.

If this option is selected, the player gets his or her full bet without any additional earnings returned should the next spin yield a win. What happens if another 0 is spun after continue reading player has placed a bet in prison? This is usually subject to house rules; in some French casinos, for example, the bet stays imprisoned until a non-0 is spun.

When playing roulette — be it the American or the European version — two types of bets can be placed: A player can decide to cast his european roulette rules her bet on european roulette rules number designation such as 3or a shared line or corner between numbers such as the line between 1 and 2, or the corner where 8, 9, 11 and 12 meet. Outside bets offer click here odds and subsequently lower payouts than inside bets.

Players can bet that the ball will fall on red or black, even or odd, or dozens betsor a specific column. As is the case with American roulette, European betting gives players the flexibility of placing their bets between whatever spots they wish — even on spots straddling inside and outside spots. Happily for European roulette players, this version of the game is statistically better for participants than American roulette.

The extra 00 spot on the American table and wheel increases the house edge from 2. Keep in mind that the roulette wheel is spun randomly, so there is no statistical edge given to one number over any other.

That said, the way you place your chips can increase or decrease your chances of winning dramatically. By making an outside bet, players are making broader wagers that are more likely to yield success.

Of course, this comes with a significantly lower payout than players would receive on an inside bet:. When playing roulette, you can european roulette rules your odds of winning dramatically by making safe choices and betting on low-stakes criteria like even vs. However, if you want to take your game to the next level, you have plenty of opportunities to do so. Poker Top rated online gambling casino Learn to Play Poker: European roulette wheels have a 0 but not a Previous Roulette Guide Next.

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Understanding European Roulette

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