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WFAN ( AM), also known as "Sports Radio 66 and FM" or "The FAN", is a radio station located in New York City. The station broadcasts on a clear channel and.

The station broadcasts on a clear channel and is owned and operated by CBS Radio. WFAN was one of the earliest stations to adopt the mr cashman slots youtube radio format. During the s, WNBC relied less on network programming and adopted a talk formatfollowed by a switch to a middle-of-the-road music sound.

The station spent much of the s and early s flipping between the Top 40 and adult contemporary formats, with varying success. Ann Liguori is also one of the original hosts and was the first woman to host a show on the station. On October 7, at 5: Let's do the countdown. As a result, SBS received a temporary waiver to run article source exploring the sale of http://sigur-ros.info/cool-cat-casino-no-rules-bonus.php AM frequency.

Emmis sold the The show was a straightforward sports show, but was not doing well in the ratings. At the time of the switch, sports talk radio was still an untested format with questionable prospects, and the idea visit web page bringing on board a host that appealed to a broader audience would get more people to try the station out.

WFAN instantly took advantage of its Imus inheritance; for example, it featured a special live monologue by Imus character Billy Sol Hargus from Shea Stadium moments after taking over the frequency. Imus slightly altered his bonus registrazione senza for his new employer, adding sports updates and replays of last night's big plays.

Discussions of sports stories that crossed over to general interest were also featured on the program, although Imus also kept many of his regular comedy mr cashman slots youtube that were not sports-related.

WFAN began doing sports updates every 20 minutes. These updates, called Sports Flashesare now considered an industry standard. When WFAN first started updates were done every 15 minutes. Additionally, mr cashman slots youtube a nod to the former WNBC, update anchors often end their top-of-the-hour updates with the catchphrase "And that's what's happening Other programming that WFAN here at its launch included a mid-morning show with Ed Coleman and Mike Francesaand an afternoon drive time show with Pete Franklinwho mr cashman slots youtube Cleveland had become one of the first polarizing, outrageous talk show hosts.

During his stay in New York City Franklin was probably best known for an incident where he used a four-letter expletive on air, in error, when trying to say "All you folks" mr cashman slots youtube was not disciplined for the incident. Running a close second was a second Franklin diatribe on whether he had been offensive — "Do I offend anyone? I'm not here to offend you, dammit! Both Mr cashman slots youtube and Franklin took shots at each other during their shows, Franklin calling Imus "Minus" and Imus recording parodies of radio commercials where he mr cashman slots youtube Franklin as a "dinosaur", among other things.

The Mike and the Mad Dog show became the defining show of WFAN, one of the most consistently popular radio shows in New York City and one of the most influential sports talk radio shows in the country.

WFAN's morning show begins at 6: The midday 10am — 1pm timeslot is co-hosted by Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. Mike Francesa is the afternoon drive host. Tony Paige works the majority of the overnight shifts and hosts during the evenings mr cashman slots youtube weekends. John Jastremski and Jody McDonald work overnights as well. Over the years WFAN has established a tight bond with its listeners, to the point where one of them eventually landed a regular on-air spot.

Joe Benigno had been a frequent caller to "The Fan" [9] especially the Mike and the Mad Dog show as "Joe from Saddle River ", and his calls were typically interesting and insightful. In he this web page chosen to host a one-hour show during a promotion where listeners were invited to host a show. WFAN also features the " Flash", a one- to two-minute update on sports scores and news, which mr cashman slots youtube every 20 minutes on the hour, twenty after and forty after.

During baseball season, the Yankees have first priority of airtime over all of the other teams. During the fall and early winter, the Giants mr cashman slots youtube first priority, followed by the Devils, the Nets, and the Islanders. Sincesister station WCBS has been utilized as WFAN's main "conflict" station for pre-season Giants and regular season Nets games when they and any of the other teams play mr cashman slots youtube. WNYM may also broadcast Devils games due to scheduling conflicts with football or baseball some preseason Devils mr cashman slots youtube have been streamed on WFAN's website due to such conflicts.

The station is the flagship outlet for Westwood One's NFL broadcasts and some of its National Collegiate Athletic Association college football and basketball broadcasts. WFAN was the sole flagship of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship carried over Westwood One, but beginning incompetitor WEPN took over a majority of the coverage including early round games as well as of conference tournament finals that Dial Global had the rights to; WFAN would air some of the conference tournament games but would not usually air the early round tournament games opting instead for local programming.

Each spring mr cashman slots youtube untilWFAN conducted the "WFAN Radiothon" to benefit children's charities that seek to ensure the continuity of life in its earliest stages and the treatment and eventual elimination of childhood cancer.

WFAN has mr cashman slots youtube done other radiothons and special broadcasts to raise money for assorted charities. The new fundraiser would benefit both the Boomer Esiason Foundation for cystic fibrosis research, and the Mike Francesa Champions of the Heart Mr cashman slots youtube, a new charity created mr cashman slots youtube Francesa.

The first radiothon took place in September The midday slot has been one of the better slots from a ratings perspective for WFAN. However, this slot's hosts have often found controversy. In the mids, popular hosts Ed Coleman and Dave Sims had their mr cashman slots youtube cancelled. The show seemed all set to go when, at the last minute, Berman decided to back out of the show.

He cited that he mr cashman slots youtube have to work a near hour day, combining his 10 a. WFAN would not let Go here out of his contract, and as a result, the slot was split into two shows: Lupica hosted from 10 a.

The split format did not work, and eventually Berman's mr cashman slots youtube would be cancelled and Lupica's show soon followed. Inhe was joined by longtime overnight host Steve Somers and the show became article source as "The Sweater and The Schmoozer", playing off Salzberg's habit of wearing sweaters on the air and Somers' on-air nickname.

The midday show featured one of the most famous incidents in WFAN history. It occurred when Salzberg "banned" Eli from Westchester [21] from calling his show due to his comments that Salzberg considered to be inappropriate. However a large outcry from listeners over the termination of the popular Somers—including comedian Jerry Seinfelda native of Long Island—led to WFAN management giving Somers the evening shift, which despite frequent pre-emptions for live games he continues online casino real money hold to the present day.

Waldman had been with WFAN since its infancy, as she was the first update anchor, and had served as the station's Yankees beat reporter and the Knicks' studio host. Waldman would leave WFAN in latejoining the Yankees television broadcast team the following year. Many felt there was great chemistry between McDonald and Rosenberg. Overnight host Joe Benigno would replace McDonald. Rosenberg was forced to resign from WFAN on September 12, after being given an ultimatum by station management for not showing up to host the New York Giants' pregame show the day before.

Benigno hosted the show solo for over a year, and on January 2,part-time overnight host Evan Roberts online websites casinos nj Benigno's new midday co-host. On the mr cashman slots youtube of July 4, past WFAN hosts such as Suzyn Waldman and Jim Lampley did guest-hosting stints, and mr cashman slots youtube station's current hosts provided career and station retrospectives throughout the weekend.

On June 25,notable current staff announced their favorite moments, interviews, and teams. It marked the first time they had appeared together sincewhen Francesa was still the number one sports talk show host in New York. Francesa on the FAN. The same day—Carton surprised everyone by welcoming back host Sid Rosenberg[27] and Rosenberg later joined Francesa for a short interview the next day.

CBS began operating All of the regular season and postseason games will be broadcast, as well as other related shows involving the team. On the April 4, broadcast of Mr cashman slots youtube in the MorningDon Imus made a sexually and racially controversial comment in reference to the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

Imus made the remarks during a conversation with the show's producer, Bernard McGuirkand Sid Rosenberg who was on the phone. Two days after making the comments, Imus issued a public apology. By that time, however, there were various mr cashman slots youtube for his dismissal, particularly from civil rights activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharptonwho threatened to protest both CBS Radio and MSNBC which aired a video simulcast of the programand to boycott companies who advertised on the program.

Chris Russo, in particular, expressed his disappointment at Mr cashman slots youtube for waiting two days before retracting his comments. Imus was initially given a two-week suspension which was scheduled to begin on April 16, allowing him to work the annual WFAN Radiothon on April 12 and Imus' last WFAN program was aired on the opening day of the radiothon.

Imus's wife Deirdre joined his longtime co-host, comedy writer, and news reader, Charles McCordto anchor the final segment of the radiothon on April Imus revived his program at WABC radio in Decemberand took his fundraiser with him—with the charities intact—and conducted a radiothon there in May From that point on, the 6: McCord and Chris Carlin remained on all the replacement shows as assistants and staff, in similar roles as they were on Imus's show, and the replacement shows continued to be syndicated via Westwood One.

Mike Francesa and Chris Russo were the first to fill the spot, hosting for the two weeks April 16—27 immediately after Imus' firing. The new program is not distributed nationally by Westwood One. Carlin was also given his own show in the one-hour time slot immediately preceding Esiason's show. The television mr cashman slots youtube, which had been on MSNBC since the early s, was not immediately brought back; it was not until September that WFAN reached an agreement with MSG Network to simulcast Boomer and Carton live each weekday; [39] each four-hour show was simulcast live with a condensed one-hour "best-of" program airing later each day and throughout the weekend.

Carton was arrested on September 6, and charged with four counts of fraud in what authorities say was 888 casino panda Ponzi scheme that duped investors of millions of dollars by promising them a share of the profits from the sale of concert tickets. Carton was arrested along with Michael Wright as the two were reportedly trying to pay off millions of dollars in gambling debts. Carton has been suspended indefinitely by CBS Radio. During their year run as WFAN's afternoon drive team, Mike Francesa and Chris Russo had enjoyed a relationship—both on- and off-air—which varied from respect to contempt.

The two hosts did not get along well during the early days of their partnership, and had several differences which potentially put their program in jeopardy. In spite of the disagreements, the duo always seemed to patch things up for the benefit of the station and their listeners. In earlyseveral reports surfaced mr cashman slots youtube Francesa and Russo were on the outs again, and these reports came as both men's contracts with WFAN were in the early stages of renegotiation.

Russo, doing the show alone on June 23, denied the rumors. But on the June 27, broadcast, Francesa working alone as Russo was on vacation acknowledged the show was at a "crossroad", and continue reading not guarantee the show would last through the summer. Francesa also stated he and Russo had not spoken since reports of their possible breakup came out.

On July 11,Francesa and Russo reunited mr cashman slots youtube their first show click to see more since news of mr cashman slots youtube possible breakup came out. Both men were coy about their future beyond the summer.

This is about doing something different. I'm 48 years old and there are not going to be too many more opportunities to break away. It's time to try something else, but it was a tough decision to make. A highly emotional Russo began to break down on air as he talked about his partnership with Francesa.

Mr cashman slots youtube

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