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South Africa has gambling laws similar to Australia. There are nine provinces each with their own gambling and racing board. These are the equivalent of gambling commissions. In online casino laws south africa to offer online betting bookies must be licensed by one of these boards.

As a punter living in South Africa, you can use any licensed bookie legally regardless of which province they online casino laws south africa licensed by. As ofno additional tax is charged to recreational bettors, and there is no need to include gambling winnings on income tax returns. There are many South African licensed bookies. A list of some of them we assembled in March is as follows. Sites licensed in South Africa tend to understand what local punters are looking for, and provide more personable support.

Most have betting odds on all the popular bet leagues. One thing that is confusing is often even sites licensed by the same gambling commission use different odds formats. Between the two sites there is confusion regarding odds formats. Traditional South African bookies, online casino laws south africa as Sportsbet, use a decimal odds format rest of the world refers to as Hong Kong Odds.

Take for example a Currie Cup match online casino laws south africa the following odds:. At corporate bookies, such as Sportingbet, decimal odds also include the stake. Here the same odds would be listed as:. Of this, R was your stake and your winnings are the same R Just know at some bookies the odds include the stake, and others the odds represent just the free deposit casino playtech no. When betting online at licensed South African bookies the banking options are http://sigur-ros.info/what-is-negative-deposit-rate.php a mystery.

The most common see more is credit or debit card, but most also accept instant bank transfer, UKash, Skrill here Entropay. Using a credit card or debit card issued from a South African bank is the most popular way to deposit at ZAR bookies. Each betting site has a different policy regarding which cards are accepted and if payouts can be processed to the card.

This involves getting a reference code from the betting website to send a traditional bank transfer. This process is well explained on betting sites accepting this method. To add AutoPay capabilities to your Standard Bank account, inquire with your branch or click to see more details here. The next step is opening an account at www. Once you have UKash, you can use it to deposit at any. Each bookie has its online casino laws south africa unique banking methods.

Many others accept EntroPay, Skrill and other e-wallets. What we do know for sure is that online gambling is illegal in South Africa, however betting on sports and horse racing is fully legal. If players were only to bet sports and races, and avoid poker and casino, using foreign betting sites might be legal.

No court has ruled on this. In short, we are not sure if using foreign betting sites is legal or not. Consult with your own authorities or legal professionals.

Online casino laws south africa

Is South African online gambling is legal? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the country and many may have found themselves wondering whether playing their favourite games is a move that could see them facing a hefty fine or worse, jail time.

Well, online gambling in South Africa is currently in a grey area and though there is a lot of legislation governing it, there are a few loopholes online casino laws south africa make online casino laws south africa open to interpretation. Going back a few years. The Gambling Act saw horse racing become legal in South Africa but other games were completely banned.

Of online casino laws south africa, as tends to happen when governments place a ban on any popular form of entertainment, people sidestepped the government and started setting up casinos that were illegal and by the time the democratic elections came along, there were thousands of these establishments in operation. After Nelson Mandela became the first democratically elected president of South Africa, online casino laws south africa changed the law to allow some gambling in the country and licensed casinos were established in which people could play the games they enjoyed.

Many online casino laws south africa thought that the next logical step would see online gambling becoming legal but this was vetoed in by the Gauteng Gambling Board.

Many people interpret this to mean Верхний jackpot city how to win Элли they cannot play at an online casino that actually operates within the borders of the country, that is, it has offices and employees in the country.

Two very interesting parts of SA online gambling legalisation which can be found on the National Gambling Board website: Should SA online casinos be legal? There are many academics, especially economists, who are of the opinion that online gambling should be completely legal in South Africa and grandluxe casino may have good reason to think this.

A recent Casino 02 Coopers PwC report on gambling revenues stated that inthe sector brought revenues of R In terms of taxes, it was reported that the total amount received by betfair eurovision money back government in taxes from casinos was a staggering R2. Considering the rather uncertain economic climate South Africa is currently facing, online casino laws south africa the high taxes both private citizens and businesses face, economists have posed a very important question in regards to the legality of online casinos in South Africa, i.

Though this would be a very difficult figure to predict, it does set the mind to wondering just how much larger our GDP Gross Domestic Product could be if the government declared SA online gambling legal.

The future of online casinos in South Africa. So what will the future bring? Will we see the South African government give SA players the chance to play when and where they want to? In all likelihood, this is not something the government is too focused on given the current state of affairs but should a more permanent Finance Minister be selected, we may see a big change how the moneymaking potential of online casinos is handled.

The future of online casinos in South Africa So what will the future bring?

South Africa has lost around R110 million due to illegal online gambling - analyst

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